Booking Form

Booking Form

Thank you for hiring Our Creative Imaginings LLC, we, Judy Tyler and team, are looking forward to doing designs at your event.

Please fill out this booking form and mail or email it to us. We will mail the contract to you filled out except for your signature. Please sign and return the contract with your retainer fee to hold your date and time.

Client Information




Event Information

Event Location:_________________________________________ Indoor or Outside: _______________

Reason for Event:__________________________________________________________________________

Event Date: _____________________________ Hours of Event: _________________________________

Set- Up Area &  Size:( Our canopy is 10′ x 10′)______________________________________________

Contact on Day of Event (if Different): _____________________________________________________

Parking at Event: _________________________________________________________________________

(Please hold a parking spot close to the event as possible, we will be carrying our equipment.

Event Attendee Information

Ages: ________________   Number of Attendees Expected: ___________________________________

Guest of Honor: ___________________________________________________________________________

Theme if Any: ____________________________________________________________________________


Client agrees to pay the full amount under the contract, even if Client uses Artist for less time than contracted for. The 50% retainer is not refundable, should the Client for any reason cancel or postpone the contracted day or time.  However, in case of postponement, Our Creative Imaginings LLC will work with you to accommodate an alternate date although you may not receive your first alternative based on the Artist’s prior commitments. The Retainer may be paid with a check, minimum twelve days in advance for check to clear. $35. check fee if check is returned.  Check is made out to Judy Tyler, with Our Creative Imaginings and date of event in the memo line.

Booking Date: The time slot will not be reserved until the signed contract and retainer are received. Full payment is due a minimum of 12 days prior to the event. This insures the artist is covered and both of us can enjoy the event.

Overtime:   Time spent after contract agreement will be at the rate of $100 per hour, or $75 per half hour. This is only available if Artist doesn’t have a prior commitment, per artist.

Travel Fees:  There will be a travel fee of $.50 per mile if over 30 miles from Concord, NH.

Thank you.

Our Creative Imaginings LLC

Artist: Judith Tyler

58 Branch Turnpike, Unit 15

Concord, NH   03301-5772

(603) 728-9445