End of July hot and humid, we have Water Proof Paints and Glitter

Hot, Hot, Hot !!!

Hi out there, how are you all doing with this heat and humidity?  We have had some very hot events, thankful at most there has been a slight breeze blowing.

We used our camper for the first time this year at Moxie Festival in Maine, sadly we had to fix a sheared off pin on the slide out.  Thankfully Bill was able to fix it with no problem.  We took our pet cat with us on this first time out too. Poor Poco we learned not to feed her before we go for a long trip.  It was a smelly and messy lesson.  We cleaned up poor Poco  and her carrier. She sure doesn’t like cold showers…lol

Moxie Festival was a lot of fun, we met some great folks and kids. Sunday we came back to NH for Wright Military Museum for Friends and Family Day.  It was a hot and steamy day.

This coming this weekend we are heading to Band Camp at Thomas Point Beach and Campground in Brunswick, Maine.  We love this event and hope to have a lot of fun.

See you in August. Stay cool.