Gig added

May 6 & 7 2017  You will find Our Creative Imaginings in Amherst, NH at the Kitty Angel’s Fundraiser. Please come support this event, with your presence and the kitties that need help.

I will be there both days face painting and taking photos. We may also have someone doing balloons. Come check us out and help the kitties.

Thank you,

Confusion for some folks…

Back in February I mentioned I was changing the name of my site to Memories by Judy.  Well after much talk and confusion for folks and businesses trying to find me, I decided to leave it Our Creative Imaginings, Face Artistry and beyond….

SO I hope this will end the confusion and have me reaching more people that would like to have me as painter at their next event.

Here it is March 27, 2017 and I turn 60 today, a large milestone, but not scary. I am very lucky to have the love of my life sharing our life’s together.

I pray everyone will be in good spirits today and the world at peace.

God Bless you all.   Judy