Our Creative Imaginings,  is a Artistic based business. Our Creative Imaginings  started in 2006 first as photography by Judy who has always had a talent for drawing and bringing out smiles in people of all ages. It started to change in 2008 when Judy’s daughter,  Amber started to do Face Painting.  Judy’s son Joshua did balloons for awhile.  In 2010,  it was a family run hobby/ business.  Now it has changed again, it is my fiance Bill and myself, Judy plus an intern Natalie.

Bill is our glitter tattoo artist, finding a love for the smiles he creates from the children of all ages. Bill says we are never to old to enjoy a bit of whimsy and smiles. He is studying air brushing and face painting for future endeavors.

Bill and I went to our first East Coast Face Painting Convention the second week in March 2018.  We had a fabulous time and will be sharing many of the things we learned with our clients.

Natalie, is an artist that is lending her skills in both face & body painting, doing glitter tattoos and has been a gem in our team. She is constantly improving her skills and  will continue to add her special touches to face painting and glitter tattoos designs.

We are available for a variety of events small to large events, such as birthday parties, fairs, corporate parties, music festivals and MUCH MUCH MORE!!

Our Creative Imaginings,  is many types of Artistry mixed together, face & body painting, glitter tattoos and more! Book today!!



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