January 2023 and beyond!

Here we are in January, and it is 2023 now what to say?

Just kidding folks, we are busy planning this year’s events and parties we may attend. We hope you will include us in your event or party too!

We have music events with 3 Bluegrass Festivals this year, can we find another one? We are at Jenny Brook Bluegrass Festival in Tunbridge, VT in June, Podunk in Goshen, CT in August, then Thomas Point in September!

Several Old Home Day or town celebrations, birthday parties, and many other types of events coming up on the schedule.

Bill is busy learning everything about air brushing so he can offer that this year. I am in the process of training a couple the business and they will be helping us out from time to time too.

On the NH Clauses end we are going to a yearly meeting in Sturbridge, MA and meeting up with several other Santas and Mrs. Clauses.

I am also going to be busy making new outfits for both of us this year, hopefully I can handle the task. 🙂

So keep checking back here or on other post by us and see what we are up to next!

Happy New Year!