Sunday Funday in Plaistow

Hello, Sunday Funday was an interesting day, just very slow.  We did a few faces, met some nice folks and a couple were interested in having Our Creative Imaginings at their event too.

Next weekend is a Private Birthday Party, so will have a few new faces for you soon.

Keep coming back to see what we have been up to, bye for now.


Lempster Hay Day

Lempster’s Hay Day was quiet, but we still had a great day and enjoyed the new folks we met.

This weekend July 30th, we will be at Plaistow’s Sunday Funday, I hope you can come and join us.

We have many more events that we hope to see you there as well that are coming up.

If you have seen us at a event this year, don’t forget to bring our business card with you so you can get another stamp on it. Keep working towards 5 stamps and the 6th one if free.

Keep watching, we are going to have a contest at our next event and the drawing is going to be Sept. 30, 2017.


Wow, it is the middle of July already?

Wow, where has time gone? Are we having fun yet?  We sure are!! We have been busy on weekends, and we are on the search for more, how about your event?

Last weekend we were in Plymouth for a Bridge House Fundraiser.  There were so many cheetahs, snakes and flowers to do, both Bill and I kept busy.  The rain came pouring down a couple of times, but it didn’t spoil the fun!

We are in Lempster, NH for Hay Day this weekend and who else knows where.

So hunt us up or call to set up your own event.  Keep sharing those smiles!!!

It’s Summer, let’s make some smiles!

Hi are you staying cool and enjoying your Summer? We sure are!  June and July have been busy so far and we are hoping they will continue too.

We have a new canopy, better setups, and more color to our setups.  We are doing places we haven’t done before, adding new ones daily.  So book now to get in on the fun.

We do Old Home Days, Grand Openings, Anniversaries, Birthday and Weddings, Bat/Bar Mitzvahs, School Events, and much much more!!

Check and see where we will be next and please leave a review if we have done you in the past. We love our clients and love seeing all the wonderful smiles.  Thank you for sharing!


Busy Month, lots of faces….

Hello out there,  what a busy month it has been so far.  Old Home Days, Church events, Craft Fairs, and Reggae events.

We have had such fun, my intern Natalie has been working very hard to improve and bring children of all ages their own special designs. Bill, my fiance is busy doing glitter tattoos, and entertaining the waiting children of all ages.

So we have three people doing glitter tattoos and two face painters, so your event is going to be covered very well.  We love to have fun and go to many different events.

As I said in my last post I have added more glitter tattoos, and water proof paints to our selections. I have also added glitter hair parts and fairy glitter eyes.  this is done with chunky glitter and a special gel to help it hold on. It is going over big, so book us for that too.

Our next event is going to be in Plymouth, NH at Bridge House, a benefit for homeless and Veterans.  Please come and show your support of Bridge House.

Please stay tuned on here or my face book page for Our Creative Imaginings.

Thank you all!