Rates and Policies


  • Event is to be paid in full at time of booking.
  • Not accepting Pay Pal at this time.
  • Credit Cards taken through Square only, a processing fee will be charged.
  • Checks accepted minimum 12 days in advance for check to clear.
  • Please note possible Travel fees and retainer are required, see contract info.
  • Prices, policies and other information subject to change without notice.


It is best to talk to Judy on pricing.  Thank you.

Please contact Judy Tyler or Bill Sattler

Cell Phone: 603-728-9445

Email: creativelady2010@live.com

Face Book: Our Creative Imaginings- Face & Body Artistry

Donations or Non-Profit, please realize that we do this as a living. Paid per face events we do a percentage, usually 10%. If we are not allowed to charge, please feel free to find a sponsor to cover our fees.

Please, NO smoking near face painting area, we are allergic.

Thank you, Judy & Bill

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