May 2023

Hello dear folks, here it is the middle of May 2023 already. We have a few spots still open; we do have some face painters & a glitter tattooist that has opening for small events.

Chelsea has worked as a sub-contractor with us for a several years and loves to do birthday parties.

Ari and Matty started last Fall as sub-contractors and are still learning the business of booking events, though they are very willing and have a lot of enthusiasm to make up for experience, which they are gaining on fast.

Bill and I are busy as usual, we are doing more birthday parties than before and love having more of our day free to enjoy the weather or whatever else may come along.

We thank the last couple of birthday parties and Stonyfield / Millennium 5 K and Earth Day for having us paint and glitter away at their event.

We have three Bluegrass Festivals this year and a Maine Folk Festival to do which we love to attend. Plus many other parties or events to paint and do glitter tattoos at.

If you don’t know Bill is doing Air Brush Tattoos now, with Hybrid Paints and Ink Paints. He is offering them with several designs and adding more as time goes on. We also offer Festival Glitter.

We would love to do your event and parties so call us and set up a time.

Enjoy your May and may the Lord bless our soldiers, past and present wherever they maybe.