Wow, Wear a mask please!

I am wearing a mask for you, I don’t feel sick, I don’t have symptoms, but I wear it just in case. Would you please wear a mask for the same reasons for me!

Many feel that it is not necessary and later you hear someone near them has the virus. Please stay home as much as possible and if you can’t, use precautions please.

Our Creative Imaginings will hold off with events till at least August, we will see then if our event is in a hot spot or okay.

Please be patient, it is hard and we miss all of you too. I haven’t seen my daughter since March, she is keeping herself and us safe.

So folks we have just another week before July stay safe and stay healthy.

Love to you all!

June 19, 2020 Summer

Hello everyone, like most people we have been isolating as much as possible. We have been studying and practicing new designs. We have been filling in some of our time with Security work and cleaning.

Our Creative Imaginings is semi closed till August except taking bookings for August and beyond for birthday parties, if all are symptom free.

We are adding air brush tattoos to our line up of face painting and glitter tattoos.  These are temporary tattoos done with ProAiir Hybird Paints that come of with soap and water,  also black ink tattoos that are for body only that come off with alcohol.   We have used with great success on standing in the rain and swimming at events. Also personally from sweating and sleeping.  Very safe and non irritating as I have sensitive skin.

We hope all is good with all of you and your staying healthy. If we can help, let us know.

Air Hugs and hearts of thank you’s.