June 23 Plaistow Old Home Day

This was a good day but long…. we had lots of customers and designed many faces.  We had two booths set ups and both were kept busy.  I sure could feel it in my back and backside. lol

We did some new faces and glitter tattoos. Rose and Natalie were kept hopping. Bill and I were trying to keep on top of everything and still give good service. We finally closed up at 5 pm, packed the car and went over to the church there for a bean and ham supper. It was very welcomed after no food other then a doughnut and a few fries since 4:30 that morning.

We sure do love what we do even if we feel the aftermath for a day or so later.

Please come and see us at Pepperell, MA Big Bang event this next Saturday.  Come get your spirit on!

Somersworth International Children’s Festival

Hello out there, if you haven’t checked out Somersworth Children’s Festival you really should. There was tons of people, lots of vendors,  beautiful sunshine too!

We did so many full faces and made so many smiles.

We hope you will come and join us at the Plaistow Old Home Day next weekend.

Remember we do birthday parties, plus many other types of events.


Strawberry Festival in Milford, CT 6/9

Yes, we headed to CT for a Strawberry Jazz Festival, this was suppose to be a large event. It was a beautiful weekend with thousands expected, sad that it wasn’t.  We had a good time and met a lot of nice people. The campground was very lively, our site was decent and folks very friendly.  We had a fabulous ice cream sundae that topped off our evening.

We headed home the next day, stopping off to visit my 88 yr. old cousin, we had a great visit and I hope I have her genes, she looked great for her age and no medicine.  Wow!

Next week we are at Somersworth International Children’s Festival, come and see us there.

Wings and Wheels Rochester June 2nd

Boy, what a beautiful day, the weather was almost perfect. There was one little shower, it didn’t dampen our spirits or did it bother the clients getting their faces done.  We were busy till it was time to close.  We really have to take a break if the event is over 3 hours long. lol

We met a lot of nice folks and enjoyed the weather and smiles we made.

May 26, Dixville Notch Arts, Crafts, and Music Festival

We headed up Friday to set up at the Coleman’s State Park, we get there after dark and realize that we should of made a reservation, the park is full. We walked around and found a site that was vacant. So we towed the camper there and set up for the night.

We are amazed at all the 4 wheelers that are there at the park, more to see the next morning.   The next morning we are surprised that the park is filled with 4 wheelers.

Off we went to find Mohawk Falls at Dixville Notch for our event. Wow, what a drive to go to Dixville Notch Mohawk Falls, it is so beautiful there.

We arrived and just managed to set up before it started to sprinkle again. lol   The day actually sprinkled off and on till about 2:30 pm. Then wham, we were busy the rest of the day. I had to laugh at one little boy, he wanted me to paint him like the Titanic, Lord help me now. He settled for a Monster eye design, and scared his Mom with the design.

We had several people ask if we were going to the Moose Festival in August. We had to say “no” not this year, but next year.

We had a great time there and the waterfalls and the area around it was beautiful. Natalie saw  many things she hasn’t seen before.

Next week is the first weekend in June, on the 2nd. we will be in Rochester, NH for the Wings and Wheels event, we hope to see you there!!



May 19, Celebrate Milford

Whoa, rain go away! Another Saturday that rains, so we were postponed to Sunday. We went down to Milford, MA for this event, we were able to sit up before more rain. It wasn’t bad, a few small showers.

The people were so nice and we did a lot of faces! Thank you to all who came to have us paint you or do glitter tattoos.

We were able to make some new friends and business connections.

Next weekend we are in Dixville Notch, way up  North in NH for the 2nd Annual Dixville Notch Arts, Crafts and Music Festival. Please come join up there.

Keep an eye out for our latest photos and specials too. 🙂