May 26, Dixville Notch Arts, Crafts, and Music Festival

We headed up Friday to set up at the Coleman’s State Park, we get there after dark and realize that we should of made a reservation, the park is full. We walked around and found a site that was vacant. So we towed the camper there and set up for the night.

We are amazed at all the 4 wheelers that are there at the park, more to see the next morning.   The next morning we are surprised that the park is filled with 4 wheelers.

Off we went to find Mohawk Falls at Dixville Notch for our event. Wow, what a drive to go to Dixville Notch Mohawk Falls, it is so beautiful there.

We arrived and just managed to set up before it started to sprinkle again. lol   The day actually sprinkled off and on till about 2:30 pm. Then wham, we were busy the rest of the day. I had to laugh at one little boy, he wanted me to paint him like the Titanic, Lord help me now. He settled for a Monster eye design, and scared his Mom with the design.

We had several people ask if we were going to the Moose Festival in August. We had to say “no” not this year, but next year.

We had a great time there and the waterfalls and the area around it was beautiful. Natalie saw  many things she hasn’t seen before.

Next week is the first weekend in June, on the 2nd. we will be in Rochester, NH for the Wings and Wheels event, we hope to see you there!!



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