Wright’s War Museum 7/08/2015

Hello  I was at the Wright’s War Museum in Wolfeboro, NH today. What an awesome place to be on a beautiful day.

I was lucky to paint a 5 generation family they were awesome to pose for me afterwards.

It was a blast, no pun intended,,, There was music from the war era, and was able to see many kinds of uniforms and vehicles.

Come and join us next year,  you won’t regret it.

Mo the Clown was there making balloon animal and such.

Larry Frate from Frate’s Creates was doing Caricatures.

Come ride in an old jeep and have a great time.

June 13, 2015 Rochester’s Wings and Wheels Fundraiser

This fundraiser was to raise money and get donations to the food bank of the area. I had a great time and was out straight.  The event was at the Airfield and had a car event at the same time as airplane rides, helicopter rides and many vendors to check out. Come on and join us next year.

I was very happy that some of the volunteers helped me out, I got lost on my there. There was about 5 teen volunteers who carried my stuff down for me and then put my tent together. Boy, I was glad of that, it was a borrowed tent and I had no idea how to do it.  Note: don’t use a cheaply made canopy near an airport again….

The day went great, I wished it had last longer, it was over to soon. I had some wonderful folks again help me take the tent down as I was one of the last people to leave except ones that was getting rides.

Thank you for having me again Rochester Wings and Wheels Fundraiser.

June 12, 2015 Paul Smith School Reading Fair

This is one of the few things I do for the community, I helped out at the Reading Fair. I was suppose to work a couple of hours I thought, but ended up staying till 2 pm when the rain drove me away.

I face painted many children, I didn’t use a book this time for designs and I think this is what I will do for many more events this Summer.

This event was a rousing success or as the Pirate’s yelled Shiver me timber’s that is awesome face painting.

Thank you to the folks mostly teacher’s and volunteer’s for your great work.

May 23, Franklin, NH Pizza Chef Fundraiser

This was a Fundraiser for the Franklin, NH Police Dog Max!

The Franklin Lion’s Club Sara Tracy was there leading us in a joyful way.  It was kind of quiet for face painting I think people were afraid it was going to rain, but it didn’t.

The Lion’s did raise some money to feed Max and he was given some balls and other toys too. Happy Birthday Max.  Max is a black German Shepard, turning 2  years old.


Almost May and we are booking events

Book with us today to save your spot. Wow, I need to get on the ball…

I have had a few gigs and some public service demos too.

Please bear with me as my family that I nanny for is moving so I am busy with packing and deciding what to keep.

May 2nd. Amherst Kitty Fair, fundraiser.  This was fun and got to meet a lot of nice people, alas not a photo opt time.

Taking Classes Monday night at the Veteran’s Medical Center, class is for Small Business Training.


May 16, My Business and Professional Women’s Group State Conference.