June 13, 2015 Rochester’s Wings and Wheels Fundraiser

This fundraiser was to raise money and get donations to the food bank of the area. I had a great time and was out straight.  The event was at the Airfield and had a car event at the same time as airplane rides, helicopter rides and many vendors to check out. Come on and join us next year.

I was very happy that some of the volunteers helped me out, I got lost on my there. There was about 5 teen volunteers who carried my stuff down for me and then put my tent together. Boy, I was glad of that, it was a borrowed tent and I had no idea how to do it.  Note: don’t use a cheaply made canopy near an airport again….

The day went great, I wished it had last longer, it was over to soon. I had some wonderful folks again help me take the tent down as I was one of the last people to leave except ones that was getting rides.

Thank you for having me again Rochester Wings and Wheels Fundraiser.

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