Dunbarton Arts on the Common

We drove to Dunbarton hoping for the best as the weather was chilly and damp.  It was an interesting day, we froze and had to put up the sides on the tent.

We did some interesting designs, met some nice people and drank cups of hot tea.

We met a couple of other vendors who were very nice and they had interesting stories and stuff for sale.

Sunday was a much warmer day,  we were quite busy.  I will post photos tomorrow.

Next week we are in Milford, MA for Celebrate Milford, come on down and be painted or have a glitter tattoo.


Kitty Angels Amherst

May 5  we went to the Kitty Angels Fundraiser in Amherst, we get down there and there is a crowd already. So we set up and hoped for the beginning of a good day.

It was a nice day, there were lots of people and we were near the animals. It was a slow day,  the weather was suppose to change over night, so we broke down and headed home after five.

There were some interesting faces done, lots of laughs.

We didn’t go back on Sunday as it was raining and felt cold. So we did things around the condo.

Next week we are in Dunbarton. Come and see us there.