January 2023 and beyond!

Here we are in January, and it is 2023 now what to say?

Just kidding folks, we are busy planning this year’s events and parties we may attend. We hope you will include us in your event or party too!

We have music events with 3 Bluegrass Festivals this year, can we find another one? We are at Jenny Brook Bluegrass Festival in Tunbridge, VT in June, Podunk in Goshen, CT in August, then Thomas Point in September!

Several Old Home Day or town celebrations, birthday parties, and many other types of events coming up on the schedule.

Bill is busy learning everything about air brushing so he can offer that this year. I am in the process of training a couple the business and they will be helping us out from time to time too.

On the NH Clauses end we are going to a yearly meeting in Sturbridge, MA and meeting up with several other Santas and Mrs. Clauses.

I am also going to be busy making new outfits for both of us this year, hopefully I can handle the task. 🙂

So keep checking back here or on other post by us and see what we are up to next!

Happy New Year!

May Flowers and Summer coming!

May starts off weird weather wise and you don’t know if you need a winter coat or shorts.

Our first event this month is Goffstown Old Home Day, come and join us.

We will also be at MayFest in Bennington, VT. A new venue for us and we look forward to going and meeting new people and making new designs.

Let all hope for a healthy and busy Summer, enjoy!!


Hi, it is March already and I am doing a revamp on my website, so please bear with me!

I need to update, add features and make it easier to use. Any hints, welcomed.

Our prices have gone up some, I am sure everyone know and can understand, price of gas, supplies, to name a few.

Have a great March!


Hi, it is February already, time is slipping by to fast. Valentine’s day was yesterday, and it was a quiet day.

We are booking events, our first will be Made in NH Expo and others following, keep checking back to see our schedule, which I am working on.

We are excited to get back to painting and glitter tattoos, see old friends and new friends.

If interested in booking with us, email us or call soon.

Thank you for reading, hope to see you soon,

Fall oh Fall

Fall is here and Halloween just around the corner. If booking for Halloween book early please.

It has been a weird Fall, busy, slow, busy again. We did a few new events, just hope we can fit them in when they go back to normal schedule.

Enjoy the weather and Fall leaves.

Spring and Summer 2021

Hello to our followers and newbies. We are happy to say we are doing a few events this year. We have decided to do a few changes, but nothing that will prevent everyone from having a good time.

Bill and I will be working the events just the two of us. We will have signs up saying that we request all but the child and one parent that everyone else remain outside the tent. This is for your safety as well as ours.


June 19 Dixville Notch Music, Arts & Crafts Festival at Mohawk Falls

July 16- 18 Maine Folk Festival, Thomas Point Beach, Brunswick, ME

August 6 & 7 Wilton Blueberry Festival, Wilton, Maine

August 20 & 21 North Country Moose Festival, Colebrook, NH

September 2 -5 Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Festival, Brunswick, ME

For the moment this is what we have and we will be adding more as time goes by, if your interested in having Our Creative Imaginings Face and Body Artistry at your event or party, please contact us as soon as possible.

Thank you all and we wish you a happy, healthy and safe Spring and Summer.

Judy and Bill

Winter is almost over!! Yea!!

Hi, all how are you all doing? This Winter has been such a dreary one. Now it is almost March there is a few nice sunny days.

Bill and I have been keeping busy with Security Work, Bill in the stores and me doing State Runs. We both miss doing Face Painting and Glitter Tattoos. We hope to be able to do a few this year, really depends on how the virus is going and what sort of events that are running.

We have interest in Stonyfield 5 K, Kitty Angels and Wright Military Museum we will start there and go from there. We are open to paint or glitter at small events as long as all wear masks.

We will offer half faces, arm designs and upper chest designs.

So everyone smile and wear your masks.

Take care, think of Spring!

Wow, Wear a mask please!

I am wearing a mask for you, I don’t feel sick, I don’t have symptoms, but I wear it just in case. Would you please wear a mask for the same reasons for me!

Many feel that it is not necessary and later you hear someone near them has the virus. Please stay home as much as possible and if you can’t, use precautions please.

Our Creative Imaginings will hold off with events till at least August, we will see then if our event is in a hot spot or okay.

Please be patient, it is hard and we miss all of you too. I haven’t seen my daughter since March, she is keeping herself and us safe.

So folks we have just another week before July stay safe and stay healthy.

Love to you all!