The Coronavirus & Face Painting

Sharing this post, so all can be informed.

Hi, I’m a professional facepainter with over 10 years painting experience.

So, within the past week, the Coronavirus has gone from looming in the back of our minds to taking over our every waking moment. But, what does that mean for entertainers, such as face painters? Do my clients need to worry?

Professional Face Painter

Hi, I’m a professional facepainter with over 10 years painting experience.

So, within the past week, the Coronavirus has gone from looming in the back of our minds to taking over our every waking moment. But, what does that mean for entertainers, such as face painters? Do my clients need to worry?

I’ve always followed strict hygiene standards. As a professional, I use a clean sponge for every child, never redipping it into my paints. I use disposable brushes if I paint children’s mouths and I rinse and change my brushes regularly. I won’t paint a child who has any open sores or signs of infection, due to the contamination risk to my kit.

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End of July, Hot and busy!

Hot, Hot, Hot !!!

Hi out there, how are you all doing with this heat and humidity?  We have had some very hot events, thankful at most there has been a slight breeze blowing.

We used our camper for the first time this year at Moxie Festival in Maine, sadly we had to fix a sheared off pin on the slide out.  Thankfully Bill was able to fix it with no problem.  We took our pet cat with us on this first time out too. Poor Poco we learned not to feed her before we go for a long trip.  It was a smelly and messy lesson.  We cleaned up poor Poco  and her carrier. She sure doesn’t like cold showers…lol

Moxie Festival was a lot of fun, we met some great folks and kids. Sunday we came back to NH for Wright Military Museum for Friends and Family Day.  It was a hot and steamy day.

February has been up and down

Did I get your attention? February has been up and down, with the weather!!

Freezing one day 53 degrees the next.  So hopefully you are surviving!

Bill and I have been busy, booking events and finding camping as well.

Bill has been busy with Security and work at 106 Storage. I haven’t been crazy about the over nights, but that is me. I don’t sleep well without him.

I have been busy with a marketing class and cleaning out storage stuff.  I plan to come up with better service for you all.

Start planning your gardens or Spring plans as it is right around the corner according to the groundhog Phil. :0   Enjoy!!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Hello every one, Happy Valentine’s day! Hugs and smiles!

It is February 14, 2020 time to think of goals for the Spring.

My goal for the Spring is help with your event needs.  I am compiling a list of people that maybe able to help you at your event.

What type of events do you put on or need help with?

My tip for today is: To be kind to all you meet and hug your loved ones and friends.


Some of the things we do!,12,472x242/















Looking for a terrific idea to make your child’s birthday party–school, corporate or holiday event fun, unique, exciting and memorable? Face painting is an exceptional way to create a memorable experience that your child, friend or relative will remember for years to come! 

Face painting and Temporary Tattoos are always a big hit at any event or party, for children and adults alike. Transforming you into anyone or anything you want to be, it’s great fun and enables you to let go and be truly imaginative.. If you’re looking to hire a professional affordable face painter for your party, I’ve got a passion for art, quality work at amazing rates that can’t be matched! You’ve come to the right place for all the FUN you need to create some fantastic faces, and memories that will last for years to come! 

If you are looking for a Professional Face Painter that is dedicated to quality work at affordable prices, you can look no further! 

Middle of January

Hello out there in the chill of January. We actually have had a mild January, even sporting a couple of days of 60 degree weather.

I am finally feeling better from a cold/ asthma cough, so thank you for the good thoughts.

Bill has been busy with Security guard work and clean up for 106 Storage.

I have been cleaning up my kits and some of the housework that had gotten away from me last year. Hopefully we can do better this year, some things need to go and re sorted to make room.

We are taking booking for this year and several weekends are taken already, so if your interested in hiring us for your party or event, please don’t wait, book now.

As with all things in business we have gone up slightly in price, but we are also adding value, so bare with us and know we care.

I guess that is the end of this post and I will post again soon and let you know all the things we have in mind for this year.

We also wanted to add that Santa Bill and Mrs. Judy Claus had a great season and will continue offering Santa and his Mrs. for your events year around. So don’t hesitate to ask about them.

Bless you and have a great month!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thank you for a great 12 months. We both hope you had a very Merry Christmas and will have a fabulous New Year!!

We are booking already for 2020 and hope it will be a great year for us too. We are losing Natalie as she is super busy with Senior year classes and other life events. Chelsea will be staying on for some events and Joe for events here and there.

We decided to keep it simple and comfortable for all concerned, last year was a little to much. We are hoping to do some traveling still and hope events will lead us to new places and faces.

We are continuing to update our skill and give the best that we can.  We hope the same for you and yours.

Love to all of our clients and new clients to come.


Judy and Bill

December is here!

Christmas is just around the corner…lol   Have you been kind, smiled and help your fellow person lately?

Our Creative Imaginings is at Brewery Lights every Thursday & Sunday 5 pm to 8 pm and Friday & Saturday 5 pm to 9 pm.  We are in the big white tent come and have your face painted.


Santa & Mrs. Claus are watching, so you better be good and you better not cry, as Santa and Mrs. Claus are coming to town.

Santa is at NHMS every Friday night, plus at Bass Pro certain nights.

December 7th Santa and Mrs. Claus will be at Loudon Elementary School for Breakfast with the Clauses.

December 11th Santa will be at Smitty’s Cinema in Tilton, NH for the Polar Express Showings.

Sunday December 11th Santa will be at Rundett Middle School for the Jingle Bell Run




November already, done shopping yet? Lol

We were busy over Halloween and now it looks a busy Christmas season coming up.

The girls and I will be at Anheuser Busch for their Brewery Lights every Thursday through Sunday.

Come join us, enjoy the lights and be painted.

Santa will be at Bass Pro Shop in Hooksett some nights and others at the Festival of Lights in Loudon. Plus other events.

We are available as Santa and Mrs Claus for your events.

Our Creative Imaginings is available for weekday events and some daytimes on weekends.

Have fun the Season, cherish your family and Friends. Be save and share your smiles!

October events

We are heading for Massachusetts this weekend October 12 for Winchendon’s Fall Festival. Come join us and share your design and smiles.

October 5th we were at Machen Bachen a Steampunk event in Kingston, NH at the YMCA Camp. It was a chilly beautiful day on the lake. We meet a lot of night people and painted some smiles. We look forward doing more with Citizens of Antiford. They donated towards the Breast Cancer fundraiser so we are now closer to $2000 to help out patients with Breast Cancer.

October 19th we will be at NH Girl Scouts Expo  at the NH Sportsplex in Bedford. Come join us and share your smiles with all the girl scouts!!

October 26 & 27 we will be at Nerd Fest at the Barrington Middle School. It will be our first Cosmic Con, so we are really looking forward to going. Come be painted and share your smiles !!