It’s Summer, let’s make some smiles!


Hi are you staying cool and enjoying your Summer? We sure are!  June and July have been busy so far and we are hoping they will continue too.

We have a new canopy, better setups, and more color to our setups.  We are doing places we haven’t done before, adding new ones daily.  So book now to get in on the fun.

We do Old Home Days, Grand Openings, Anniversaries, Birthday and Weddings, Bat/Bar Mitzvahs, School Events, and much much more!!

Check and see where we will be next and please leave a review if we have done you in the past. We love our clients and love seeing all the wonderful smiles.  Thank you for sharing!



Busy Month, lots of faces….


Hello out there,  what a busy month it has been so far.  Old Home Days, Church events, Craft Fairs, and Reggae events.

We have had such fun, my intern Natalie has been working very hard to improve and bring children of all ages their own special designs. Bill, my fiance is busy doing glitter tattoos, and entertaining the waiting children of all ages.

So we have three people doing glitter tattoos and two face painters, so your event is going to be covered very well.  We love to have fun and go to many different events.

As I said in my last post I have added more glitter tattoos, and water proof paints to our selections. I have also added glitter hair parts and fairy glitter eyes.  this is done with chunky glitter and a special gel to help it hold on. It is going over big, so book us for that too.

Our next event is going to be in Plymouth, NH at Bridge House, a benefit for homeless and Veterans.  Please come and show your support of Bridge House.

Please stay tuned on here or my face book page for Our Creative Imaginings.

Thank you all!



Water resistant Paints and Glitter Tattoos


Hi we now have water resistant paints and more glitter tattoos to keep you looking stunning for the Summer.

The paints are Pro Air water resistant paints that stay one even while you swim or sweat. They come off with just soap and water though at the end of your day or a couple days later.

Glitter tattoos last 3 days to a week depending on how they are treated and skin conditions.

So no more excuses you can show off your creative side and become a kitty, tiger or have a rose on your shoulder, or a race car racing down your arm.

We hope to see you at our next event, or book your own for us to help you shine.

Thank you,


Plaistow Old Home Day 6/17/17


Hi out there, enjoying your Spring? Summer is here even if the date isn’t till a couple days away. Feel that heat and humidity, whew!

I was at Plaistow, NH Old Home Day on Saturday, what an awesome day!! My fiance and I were set up to paint and do glitter tattoos. We had a excellent location between two walk ways, the Main Street and a fried dough stand, mmmm what smells. 🙂

We were set up by 8 am and out straight till the parade at 2 pm. We kept on painting and doing glitter tattoos till a little after 4 pm. We then packed up and left for supper.  We had supper at the Baptist Church down the street which was fabulous.

At 5:30 we went over to the Timberlake HS to set up, work till the fireworks. The fireworks were at 9:30 and they were beautiful and loud….lol

Please come see us at the Wilton, NH Summerfest next weekend. Enjoy your first days of Summer, stay cool and dry.

Oh, Bill just reminded me, I am doing water resistant paints now, they will stay on in the water for most of the day. They are sweat proof too. 🙂     So we have  you covered between water resistant paints and glitter tattoos, so no more excuses, come get painted this Summer.



Events being added


Dunbarton Arts on the Common,  May 13 & 14, 2017  Come and be painted, then enjoy the over vendors and entertainers.

Wright’s Military Museum in Wolfeboro, July 9th. Family Day

Bridge House Shelter and Veterans Advocacy Family Fun Day July 15 at Plymouth Fairgrounds 12 to 5 pm.


I look forward to seeing you there, mention this post and receive a $1.00 off your design.

We will have waterproof face paints, and glitter eyes added to this years menu.

Gig added


May 6 & 7 2017  You will find Our Creative Imaginings in Amherst, NH at the Kitty Angel’s Fundraiser. Please come support this event, with your presence and the kitties that need help.

I will be there both days face painting and taking photos. We may also have someone doing balloons. Come check us out and help the kitties.

Thank you,

Confusion for some folks…


Back in February I mentioned I was changing the name of my site to Memories by Judy.  Well after much talk and confusion for folks and businesses trying to find me, I decided to leave it Our Creative Imaginings, Face Artistry and beyond….

SO I hope this will end the confusion and have me reaching more people that would like to have me as painter at their next event.

Here it is March 27, 2017 and I turn 60 today, a large milestone, but not scary. I am very lucky to have the love of my life sharing our life’s together.

I pray everyone will be in good spirits today and the world at peace.

God Bless you all.   Judy