Smile, yes there is still things to smile at.

Hi all, how are you all doing? Stress, headaches, over eating, not sleeping, etc?

Yes, life isn’t easy right now, but look at strengthening relationships with your family, your partner or even over the phone with friends  and co-workers.

Smile, yes, there is still things to smile about! Bill and I went out for a ride looking for Pussy Willows, we were out for hours. We enjoyed going on roads that we haven’t been onto before, we saw our first Robin too.   We did finally find some pussy willows, but they were always in someone’s front yard,  lol   We did find a bush, but it was 20 feet into a marsh, no wet feet for us.

I made a chocolate chocolate chip cookie that was fabulous, I made my first baked fish in a long time and it came out perfect.  Red Pepper & Carrot Soup, was a hit, very good on these cool days, great with multi bread croutons.

So reading a new book, starting an exercise program, playing a card game with the kids, all these things can make you smile.

So folks, remember smile, enjoy life, keeping washing those hands and stay home. Love your family and partner. Smile!!!


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