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What services do you provide?  See our service page for a more in-depth answer to this question. We are happy to provide face painting with water based, powdered base and waterproof face paints, we also offer glitter tattoos, both are offered for birthday parties, music festivals, grand openings, corporate events, Bat/Bar Mitzvahs, school events, carnivals/ festivals, Old Home Days, community events and SO MUCH MORE!

What kinds of face paints do you use? Our Creative Imaginings uses several brands of non-toxic professional, cosmetic grade paints and glitters. This means our face paints are SPECIFICALLY intended for use on skin, and our glitters contain no metal and have soft rounded edges. We have StarBlend Powders, Water based Paints and Water-Resistant Paints. Powders are more comfortable and less chance of sweating it off. Water Resistant paints are great for humid weather or when you’re going in swimming later.

How many children can we do per hour? This varies greatly from one event to another.  It depends on partial face to full face to a child that holds still to a child that wiggles all over.  A full face takes about 5 to 12 minutes, a partial face could be a couple of minutes or up to 4 minutes. Glitter & Painted tattoos varies as well, from a couple of minutes to several. So, it is really hard to tell you how many we can do, we do try to make each face a one of a kind and each guest feel special. We pride ourselves on doing more than one color of glitter to make each design special.

How do I wash off the face/ body paint? Our Creative Imaginings recommends using a liquid soap or foamy soap and then a warm washcloth. Some of the heavily pigmented colors may cause slight staining of the skin. For these more stubborn colors, apply moisturizer or baby oil and then wash again with warm water and soap after 15 to 20 minutes.

How do I wash off the glitter and temporary tattoos? Temporary and glitter tattoos are waterproof, temporary tattoos will wash off with soap and water, Glitter tattoos will NOT wash off in water, if you need to remove them early, you can do so by applying baby oil in a circle motion on the face or wiping gently with rubbing alcohol. In order to make your tattoo last up to 7 days, do not use moisturizer and do not scrub or scratch. Pat with baby powder for air brush tattoos.

Are you insured? Yes, Our Creative Imaginings is fully insured.

Do I need to have supervision while you are entertaining at events?   No, not for us, but please remember that we are trained to work with children, however, as entertainers we cannot always be watching to make sure the children are staying nearby and behaving.  Most children are excited and will wait patiently, but just in case it always wise to have an adult or older child watching over the younger ones.  Then we can keep the lines running smoothly and not have a problem.

Will you do free face painting or glitter tattoos for charities? We would love to help you with your fundraising efforts! Please remember this is our only form of income, so be understanding. While we are unable to donate our time and materials for free, (there are just to many great causes). We do offer a percentage of our proceeds.

We already donate yearly to a couple of causes close to our hearts.  We have worked out two different options for your charity events: Pay per Face (raising money for you) We will appear at your event to do face painting / glitter tattoos, and you can recoup our fees by charging “pay per face” rates to the people that come to the event.

We will just keep our standard rate – any money that you raise that is over that is for you to keep!  Please note that if your event guest does not purchase face painting or glitter tattoos, you are still liable for our standard fee.

Discounted hourly (free for patrons): We can offer you a discount hourly rate since it is a fundraiser. Please note: If you choose to utilize our discounted hourly rate no portion of our tip jar will go towards your fundraising efforts. Weekday rates are only available Monday – Thursday.

How far ahead do I need to book your service?  We need at least 1 day (24 hours) advanced notice for face painting or glitter tattoos. That being said, our availability is based solely on a first come, first served basis. If your event time is not flexible, please book us as early as possible to make sure that the time/date slot is available. We are booking many events weeks and months in advance, so if you have a date, you want book early.

How do I book Our Creative Imaginings for my upcoming event?  Contact us here: or call Judy at 603-728-9445 (leave a message) and let us add our dash of fun, smiles and creativity to your upcoming event!!

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