Our Creative Imaginings, Face painting and other endeavors

Hello, Judy here,  I do Face and Body Painting, Glitter & Mica Tattoos, Water proof paints, and powdered paints.  My fiance, Bill does glitter tattoos and will have air brush temporary tattoos by Summer 2019 . Natalie is our intern, who is learning the business from the ground up and studying hard with us and high school, doing Glitter Tattoos and Face Painting.

Bill and I went to East Coast Face Painting Convention in March 2018, we had great fun and learned from Mark Reid, Corey Morgan, Dutch Bihary, Monique Lily, and many others. We believe in keeping as current as possible and to never stop learning. We are on going with FABA TV classes.

We do small to large, Private and Public events.  Birthday parties, Anniversary and Reunions, Old home Days, Celebrations, Business, School and Church events, and several music festivals.

If you have an event and are interested in any of these, please contact me.


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