Busy Month, lots of faces….

Hello out there,  what a busy month it has been so far.  Old Home Days, Church events, Craft Fairs, and Reggae events.

We have had such fun, my intern Natalie has been working very hard to improve and bring children of all ages their own special designs. Bill, my fiance is busy doing glitter tattoos, and entertaining the waiting children of all ages.

So we have three people doing glitter tattoos and two face painters, so your event is going to be covered very well.  We love to have fun and go to many different events.

As I said in my last post I have added more glitter tattoos, and water proof paints to our selections. I have also added glitter hair parts and fairy glitter eyes.  this is done with chunky glitter and a special gel to help it hold on. It is going over big, so book us for that too.

Our next event is going to be in Plymouth, NH at Bridge House, a benefit for homeless and Veterans.  Please come and show your support of Bridge House.

Please stay tuned on here or my face book page for Our Creative Imaginings.

Thank you all!



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