I’m behind the times, sorry folks,,,,

Hello out there, life has been so busy and I’ve been forgetting to update the blog.

Thursday night June 6, Amber had her graduation and it was a good night for it. We were afraid of rain at first, but it held over. Amber looked great going up to get her diploma and a scholarship from NHTI.

Very Proud of her!!! Yea!! Amber!!!!!

Friday night June 7th.  We went up to Squam Lake Science Center in Holderness for Dream Night, it was a wet night for it, but a lot of fun.  We painted young children, older children and even some adults.   Thank you to Squam Lake Science Center for having us!

It is Motorcycle week here in Laconia, but it has also been raining quite a bit, maybe this weekend we can get some face painting in…..



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