Oct. 5, 2013 Fun in Franklin

Hi there, Our Creative Imaginings is going to be at the DK Motel in Franklin, NH this weekend.  No we are not checking in we are helping the DK Motel Owner Sara Tracy celebrate her 20 th Anniversary running the motel.

Sara is requesting that people come check out her motel and also bring a few food items for the local food pantry.  She is trying to fill a room with food in celebration for the 20 yrs of being in business.

Our Creative Imaginings will be there doing face and body artistry (painting) during the day. As well as selling my Usborne Books.  So come join us, and wish Sara congratulations, don’t forget the food for the pantry.

The Franklin Food Pantry helps about 1,000 people from the area each month, so food is needed from folks who can help give a little.

I look forward to meeting you there and giving you a new look for the day….. start thinking of your design before you get there.  It’s a good time to try out your new Halloween look even.


Thank you,

Judy and Amber






















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