Plaistow Old Home Day 6/17/17

Hi out there, enjoying your Spring? Summer is here even if the date isn’t till a couple days away. Feel that heat and humidity, whew!

I was at Plaistow, NH Old Home Day on Saturday, what an awesome day!! My fiance and I were set up to paint and do glitter tattoos. We had a excellent location between two walk ways, the Main Street and a fried dough stand, mmmm what smells. 🙂

We were set up by 8 am and out straight till the parade at 2 pm. We kept on painting and doing glitter tattoos till a little after 4 pm. We then packed up and left for supper.  We had supper at the Baptist Church down the street which was fabulous.

At 5:30 we went over to the Timberlake HS to set up, work till the fireworks. The fireworks were at 9:30 and they were beautiful and loud….lol

Please come see us at the Wilton, NH Summerfest next weekend. Enjoy your first days of Summer, stay cool and dry.

Oh, Bill just reminded me, I am doing water resistant paints now, they will stay on in the water for most of the day. They are sweat proof too. 🙂     So we have  you covered between water resistant paints and glitter tattoos, so no more excuses, come get painted this Summer.



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