White Mt. Boogie N Blues

Hello, today is Friday the 25 of August, last weekend Our Creative Imaginings was at White Mt. B N B and had a fabulous time. We set up in the rain on Friday and tore down in the dew on Sunday night. We face painted and glittered tattoos till the music stopped each night.

Bill enjoyed his first Boogie, and said that he had the time of his life! Barbara, a friend, enjoyed the Boogie as well and as always I had a great time. Thankfully I wasn’t coughing to much, the darn bronchitis tried holding on.

I have added a lot of photos from the weekend, we did many designs over and over again, but there were a couple of very special designs as well.  A rib cage design, a back design, full head dragon, and my first glittered beard.

Please check us out in photos and leave a comment or two. Don’t forget to book us for your future event.

We are doing a Charter School in Manchester this Saturday, so more photos to follow.


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