Here is January 2018

Hello all our followers and new interested ones.

We have been busy with life, so forgive not a lot of postings. This is one of our biggest things to over come this year.  SO please bear with us and keep encouraging us to improve.

We have so many new pokers in the fire that we are working hard to give our older clients the best we can give and the new ones, the reasons they chose us in the first place.

We have Face & Body painting that is temporary to waterproof, Glitter Tattoos from temporary to 2 weeks.  Festival glitter eyes & hair.  Hopefully we have a few surprises in store for you, new and already clients.

We have expanded our area to cover more of Maine, Vermont and Mass. too.

We are reaching out to the public and hoping they are reaching out to us as well.

We will try to keep up with the blog, so bare with us.  Thank you for your interest and wonderful reviews.

Judy, Bill and team.


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