Pepperell, MA Big Bang Festival

This last Saturday was the Big Bang Festival in Pepperell, MA. It was soooooooo HOT!

We arrived early and setup by 9:30 am, other then the beautiful veggies we brought at the Farmer’s Market, we should of waited till 3 pm at least to set up.

We caught a few kids coming through the field after the parade, then it was quiet till about 6 pm. Looooong day in the sun, thankfully there was a good breeze.

We made a lot of kids smile and a few adults too. We worked till we could see the faces no more.  The BBque truck has a good pork sandwich and the lemonade stand had thirst quenching lemonade.  We met some nice folks and will probably be heading that way again for some birthday parties.

We packed up to watch the fireworks, till we started getting chewed on by bugs and decided to leave. Home then a cool shower and bed, we slept till 9 am which is very late for us. SO a great weekend after all. 🙂


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