Wilton, ME Blueberry Festival

Wilton Blueberry Festival was a wonderful event, we met some great folks and painted some blueberries.  We had some yummy food and picked 14 lbs of blueberries on Sunday.

We were wet and slow on Saturday as it was pouring rain most of the day. This didn’t stop the parade going on and it was a fabulous parade too!! We loved to watch the Shriners in their go carts they were having a lot of fun sloshing through the rain soaked streets. They were driving small motorcycles, small semi, and cars they were great!

Everyone that was in the parade and the ones that watched the parade should be very proud that they stuck  it out, I know we were happy that they did.

The water ski show in the evening still went on, because after raining all day long it stopped raining by 4:30 pm go figure, lol

The team that water skied and the ones that drove the boats were an awesome group!

We will come back next year, hopefully with better weather for Saturday,  we still had a good time!

Next weekend is the Belknap County 4 H Fair in Belmont, NH come and get your design on!! Hugs!!


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