Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Festival

Wow, what a fabulous place for a Festival, the music was awesome and festival goers were so nice!

We had perfect weather, Thursday was a little stuffy, but overall it was a great event.

We were able to relax as well as be busy up till the dark of night. The bands were fun and provided us with beautiful background sounds.  Sister Sadie’s lead singer came over to us and received an eye design that I added extra bling to. Nova from a belly dancing group came to us as well for her transformation as Dorothy from Wizard of OZ for a fundraiser that she was going to be involved with.

Nova even came back the next day to tell us the other dancers were envious of her designs and she wanted to tell us that we would be their official face & body painters for events that we can attend.

We talked with Mike and Jen the owners, they want us to come back next year, we are looking forward to going. 🙂

Our next event is Southshore  Country Music Festival in Marshfield, MA. Come listen to some great music and be painted or glittered up. 🙂

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