Middle of January

Hello out there in the chill of January. We actually have had a mild January, even sporting a couple of days of 60 degree weather.

I am finally feeling better from a cold/ asthma cough, so thank you for the good thoughts.

Bill has been busy with Security guard work and clean up for 106 Storage.

I have been cleaning up my kits and some of the housework that had gotten away from me last year. Hopefully we can do better this year, some things need to go and re sorted to make room.

We are taking booking for this year and several weekends are taken already, so if your interested in hiring us for your party or event, please don’t wait, book now.

As with all things in business we have gone up slightly in price, but we are also adding value, so bare with us and know we care.

I guess that is the end of this post and I will post again soon and let you know all the things we have in mind for this year.

We also wanted to add that Santa Bill and Mrs. Judy Claus had a great season and will continue offering Santa and his Mrs. for your events year around. So don’t hesitate to ask about them.

Bless you and have a great month!


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