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Wow, Wear a mask please!

I am wearing a mask for you, I don’t feel sick, I don’t have symptoms, but I wear it just in case. Would you please wear a mask for the same reasons for me!

Many feel that it is not necessary and later you hear someone near them has the virus. Please stay home as much as possible and if you can’t, use precautions please.

Our Creative Imaginings will hold off with events till at least August, we will see then if our event is in a hot spot or okay.

Please be patient, it is hard and we miss all of you too. I haven’t seen my daughter since March, she is keeping herself and us safe.

So folks we have just another week before July stay safe and stay healthy.

Love to you all!

June 19, 2020 Summer

Hello everyone, like most people we have been isolating as much as possible. We have been studying and practicing new designs. We have been filling in some of our time with Security work and cleaning.

Our Creative Imaginings is semi closed till August except taking bookings for August and beyond for birthday parties, if all are symptom free.

We are adding air brush tattoos to our line up of face painting and glitter tattoos.  These are temporary tattoos done with ProAiir Hybird Paints that come of with soap and water,  also black ink tattoos that are for body only that come off with alcohol.   We have used with great success on standing in the rain and swimming at events. Also personally from sweating and sleeping.  Very safe and non irritating as I have sensitive skin.

We hope all is good with all of you and your staying healthy. If we can help, let us know.

Air Hugs and hearts of thank you’s.


May 2020, Life is on hold, or is it.

Hello, events canceled or postponed, does life go on?

Yes, it does, we pick up what we can and educate ourselves.

I just finished my class on marketing,  now onto a Face Painting Summit starting on May 13th.

We are exploring new techniques and learning more about air brushing, which we will offer when painting again.

Take care, stay healthy and enjoy the weather.


April 2020 Life

Hello Folks, how are you all doing? Bill and I are doing fine, we are trying to keep busy. We are doing essential Security work for a few pharmacies, sewing masks, practicing face painting and taking a course in Marketing.

We are staying home and staying healthy.  We eat homemade healthy food and walk on our treadmill.  We hope that you are enjoying your family and staying home too.

We totally understand that it is hard and can be trying at times. Just remember this Virus is seeping it’s way into our homes, so keep on top of all surfaces.  Wash hands and stay healthy.

Prayer for all and remember to smile!


Smile, yes there is still things to smile at.

Hi all, how are you all doing? Stress, headaches, over eating, not sleeping, etc?

Yes, life isn’t easy right now, but look at strengthening relationships with your family, your partner or even over the phone with friends  and co-workers.

Smile, yes, there is still things to smile about! Bill and I went out for a ride looking for Pussy Willows, we were out for hours. We enjoyed going on roads that we haven’t been onto before, we saw our first Robin too.   We did finally find some pussy willows, but they were always in someone’s front yard,  lol   We did find a bush, but it was 20 feet into a marsh, no wet feet for us.

I made a chocolate chocolate chip cookie that was fabulous, I made my first baked fish in a long time and it came out perfect.  Red Pepper & Carrot Soup, was a hit, very good on these cool days, great with multi bread croutons.

So reading a new book, starting an exercise program, playing a card game with the kids, all these things can make you smile.

So folks, remember smile, enjoy life, keeping washing those hands and stay home. Love your family and partner. Smile!!!


Covid – 19 To Our Valued Customers

Over the last few weeks, we have been learning about Corona Virus or Covid- 19 and how it could be impacting you, your family and others around the world. The health and well-being of community has always been our number 1 priority.

As part of the effort to protect against the spread of Covid – 19, we have made the decision to temporarily stop accepting bookings between now and the end of May.

While we are no longer accepting bookings, we will however remain active on the social media platforms in hopes of bringing a sense of normality, positivity and smiles to your home.

Our thoughts are with you and your families during these uncertain times.

As always Bill and I want to thank you for being apart of Our Creative Imaginings family. Please be safe and take care of yourself and your loved ones. We look forward to serving your again soon.

Hugs and Smiles,  Judy and Bill


Made In NH Expo

Made In NH Expo has been postponed till December. For the safety of all concerned it is in the best interest for all.

Our next event is Family Fun Fest at the Everett Arena on March 28th. We will let you know if it changes. Stay home, wash hands often, call your loved ones. Stay positive and pray if you pray, that this virus is over soon.

Hugs and smiles!

The Coronavirus & Face Painting

Sharing this post, so all can be informed.

Hi, I’m a professional facepainter with over 10 years painting experience.

So, within the past week, the Coronavirus has gone from looming in the back of our minds to taking over our every waking moment. But, what does that mean for entertainers, such as face painters? Do my clients need to worry?

Professional Face Painter

Hi, I’m a professional facepainter with over 10 years painting experience.

So, within the past week, the Coronavirus has gone from looming in the back of our minds to taking over our every waking moment. But, what does that mean for entertainers, such as face painters? Do my clients need to worry?

I’ve always followed strict hygiene standards. As a professional, I use a clean sponge for every child, never redipping it into my paints. I use disposable brushes if I paint children’s mouths and I rinse and change my brushes regularly. I won’t paint a child who has any open sores or signs of infection, due to the contamination risk to my kit.

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End of July, Hot and busy!

Hot, Hot, Hot !!!

Hi out there, how are you all doing with this heat and humidity?  We have had some very hot events, thankful at most there has been a slight breeze blowing.

We used our camper for the first time this year at Moxie Festival in Maine, sadly we had to fix a sheared off pin on the slide out.  Thankfully Bill was able to fix it with no problem.  We took our pet cat with us on this first time out too. Poor Poco we learned not to feed her before we go for a long trip.  It was a smelly and messy lesson.  We cleaned up poor Poco  and her carrier. She sure doesn’t like cold showers…lol

Moxie Festival was a lot of fun, we met some great folks and kids. Sunday we came back to NH for Wright Military Museum for Friends and Family Day.  It was a hot and steamy day.

February has been up and down

Did I get your attention? February has been up and down, with the weather!!

Freezing one day 53 degrees the next.  So hopefully you are surviving!

Bill and I have been busy, booking events and finding camping as well.

Bill has been busy with Security and work at 106 Storage. I haven’t been crazy about the over nights, but that is me. I don’t sleep well without him.

I have been busy with a marketing class and cleaning out storage stuff.  I plan to come up with better service for you all.

Start planning your gardens or Spring plans as it is right around the corner according to the groundhog Phil. :0   Enjoy!!